CASA GRAS - Artisan Wine, RESERVA 2016, Magnum - 1,5L, Limited Edition - only 500 bottles.

GRAND GOLD Medal - XI International Awards of Magnum Wine of 2019 - OIV Patrocined

ARTIFACT by Casa Gras            Crianza 2018, Organic

Gold Medal - CWSA 2021

Gold Medal - Berlin 2020

Gold Medal - South Korea 2020

CASA GRAS, Petit Verdot - Syrah 2018 Organic wine - Gold in Japan 

Our wine Petit Verdot - Syrah of organic vintage 2018 received golden medal in SAKURA International Awards 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

Diamond trophy in Japan

The highest award we have received is DIAMOND TROPHY, in March 2018 at the most prestigious competition in Japan, SAKURA International Wine Awards. Our wine Tempranillo - Syrah was recognized as the best Spanish Red Wine, and two other wines, Petit Verdot-Monastrell and Petit Verdot - Syrah, received double Gold Medals . Our wine was chosen the best out of five thousand wines from all around the world which participated in this competition, more than a thousand of them were from Spain, among various categories such as the Reserve, Crianza, etc.

Three golden medals in Hong Kong

In April 2018 the famous news agency from Hong Kong, Asia Import News, organized in Paris the contest of the best European wines, during which the CASA DE LAS ESPECIAS wines received three Gold Medals. 

Golden Medal at Champions wine contest

In October 2017 in Madrid the CHAMPIONS WINE contest took place where Spanish wines, which received only Gold Medals during other international contests, participated. The CASA DE LAS ESPECIAS wine received the Gold Medal during this contest. 

Wine of gourmet quality 

Victory in the competition of Spanish gastronomic wines for gourmet cuisine 2017, our wine received Golden and Silver Medals. 

Tempranillo - Syrah wins in Berlin

In July 2017 our wine received the Golden Medal during the most prestigious international contest BERLINER WINE TROPHY. 

Asia wine trophy in Seoul

In August 2017 our wines received three Golden Medals during the contest ASIA WINE TROPHY in Seoul, the South Korea. 

Numerous victories during national contests

In 2017 during different Spanish wine contests the CASA DE LAS ESPECIAS wines received many Golden and Silver Medals. 

Exhibition in Hong Kong Wine & Spirits fair 2018

We were one of four bodegas of the DO Yecla that have promoted wines of the area in the International Wine and Spirits Fair 2018 that takes place in Hong Kong. We have traveled to the Asian city with support of ICEX Spain Exports and Investments. Casa de las Especias is prepared to continue opening the Asian market, highly attractive for the Spanish wine sector.

Petit Verdot - Syrah wins Gold at DO wine contest

A contest to examine the wines registered in the Yecla Designation of Origin. The headquarters of the DOP Wine Control Council Yecla hosted the X San Isidro 2017 Contest, in which seven wineries participated with a total of 59 samples, whose evaluation was carried out by 14 tasters, outstanding international wine critics, all directed by Adrián Martínez.

Casa Especias Yecla 2004

Here you can get Casa Especias vintage 2004 from the collector of our wine.

ENO FUSION 2018 Madrid

Famous enologist and wine critic D. Jesus Flores describes characteristics of our wines


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