The first people arrived in this beautiful valley about 60,000 years ago in Middle Paleolithic. This is evidenced by the existing cave paintings on Mount El Arabí that is very close to the vineyards of CASA DE LAS ESPECIAS, which is a World Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO.    

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The soil of this valley is also unique. According to its analysis, its composition is almost identical to that of southern Burgundy, which makes it possible to grow grapes of the highest quality. This is facilitated by an ideal micro climate for this crop.

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Don Pascual Forte Del Valle – Autor y productor de los vinos de CASA DE LAS ESPECIAS, nació a varios cientos de metros de este viñedo. El, participó en la replantación de los viñedos en el año 2001 y conoce cada cepa en sus viñedos.

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