The soil of this valley is very unique. A tectonic fault passes through the valley of Monte Arabi. The movement of Earth’s tectonic plates squeezed the ground from the bottom of ancient sea to the surface. According to the soil analysis, its composition is almost identical to the soil of the South Burgundy, which allows growing grapes of the highest quality. 

The ideal micro climate is also contributing to this. The vineyard is located 750 meters high above the sea level and in 100 km. from the coast. The minus temperatures in winter are killing all pests, while hot and dry summer allows grapes to acquire a lot of sugar. Due to this, the alcohol rate of our wine does not fall below 13.5%
The vineyard was newly planted in 2001 according to the program of the European Union without usage of GMO and chemical effect on soil. The total area of the vineyard is 50 Hectares. During the production of wine till now there is only environmental impact on soil implemented, without usage of chemical fertilizers. This fact allows us to consider our wine to be ecologically clean. Manual labor is used to collect grapes. There are no leaves, roots and soil falling into the area where grapes are collected for wine production. Under such conditions we can introduce to the market only limited quantity of wine, around of 300.000 bottles per year, but this wine is of the highest quality of the GOURMET style. Our vineyard is a part of DO Yecla. This DO is known for a large number of awards at national and international exhibitions where our wine was highly appreciated. 
Beginning with harvest of 2018 our winery met all conditions for producing organic wines and received official certificate from European Union.


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